Monday, August 4, 2008

Virtual Writing Group

Tonight was an interesting, fun exercise! Instead of meeting at the Zen Center, we had a virtual writing group meeting. Kim has moved to Austin, Kate had dinner with family and wouldn't make it in time, Sylvie and I were loathe to sit in the heat of the un-air conditioned Zen Center library, so we decided to meet virtually over e-mail. Someone would e-mail a topic, then we would write on that word for 7 min, then e-mail it to the group, then move on to the next topic. It was great fun! We didn't talk as we normally do, but got a lot more writing done. Normally we only write 2 pieces, rarely 3. Tonight we wrote 4 pieces. This will be a wonderful alternative during bad weather this winter. I greatly enjoyed the evening.

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Phil Reynolds said...

i think there are a ton of free applications online that would be perfect for you guys to meet online and collaborate.