Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Moonlight Cafe is Complete!!

I wrote the last chapter last night. It wasn't the final chapter in the novel, rather one that fit somewhere in the middle. But it's really done! Some people from my writing group are going to read it through start to finish, so I'm going to wait to start sending query letters until I have their input. But for all intents and purposes, it's complete! Yay!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost Finished

I have one more chapter to write in The Moonlight Cafe. I hope to finish it this week, but I have a pretty full week ahead of me, so carving out time might be tough. But one more chapter. That's totally do-able. Then I'll have to rework my query letter, update my research on agents - I have a list of agents to query, but it's been a while, so I want to make sure they're still accepting queries - and start mailing out query letters again. Very exciting! Then I'll have to decide which project I'm going to work on next. Do I get back to work on Discovering Family? I hope it's not dead in the water; it's been so long since I looked at it. Do I start Vincent's novel? That's the one I'm leaning towards. Or will something completely different come to mind? Ah, the possibilities.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Quote

Yes, I've been remiss in updating my quote of the week. The last time I changed it was almost 2 months ago. I'm sorry. I have a new one there now. I'll try to get back to changing it every week.

You can tell how progress on my novel is coming by my blog posts. I've noticed that when I work on my writing more often, I also post more often. I have something to post about then, and since this blog is mainly about writing, that's no surprise. I have 3 more chapters, maybe 4, to write, and Moonlight Cafe will be done. I've written tonight, but not for my novel. I had a scene pop into my head I wanted to get down. I don't know what the scene is for. There's no plot for a story, just this scene or 2. But I wanted to write it down, and file it away. Sometime I'll use it, I'm sure. And no writing is ever wasted, even if it goes unused. I write because I love it, not because it has to have some deeper purpose other than pure creativity.

I'm off to finish the scene, then take Tiberius for a walk. Neither of us like this July heat, so I wait until the sun goes down to walk him. I also get up early in the morning to walk him, before it gets too hot (though this doesn't alway happen...those of you who live in St. Louis know it can be perfectly miserable at 6AM.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

July Gathering

We gathered at Sylvie's house this past Saturday for our monthly writing day. We missed Mary that day, who stayed home rejuvenating from a tough week at work. Sylvie made the BEST sausages in a blanket and scones. We talked, ate, wrote, ate some more (pizza for lunch), and shared our writing. I had been feeling completely stuck on my novel. I finally printed the whole thing out and started reading/editing on paper. I read some new chapters on Sat, and the group gave me wonderful insight on what is missing, so I finally know what to do to finish it. I'm excited once again to work on it! I finished my read through yesterday, and marked a couple places where I need to add chapters.

I'm so thankful for our monthly gatherings. They always help move me along when I'm stuck, and the group lets me know what's working and what isn't. I've incorporated my edits into my computer file, and marked 5 areas that need additional chapters. Then, it will be finished!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Writing Days

Last Saturday (the weekend before July 4, that is) was our monthly writing day at my apartment. It was, as always, a great day, and so fun to show off my new place to the group. I wrote a new chapter for Moonlight Cafe, did some editing. I have some fact checking to do, and bit more editing, maybe one more chapter here or there, but the end is in sight. We have another writing day at Sylvie's this weekend. Last month's was later than usual, this one is earlier, so they ended up 2 weeks apart. You won't hear me complain though! I've been having a bit of trouble focusing, so I need these concentrated writing days to see me through the end. I think this novel is almost done for me. I've been working on it for so long, doing rewrites and editing, I'm ready to see it complete, for real this time, and get back to Discovering Family. I just hope after being away from that one for so long it isn't dead in the water. Or I might keep that one on hold for now and start my next young adult novel. Hmm, decisions decisions.

In the Moment is Here!!

Announcing In the Moment: Writing from a Spacious Mind. My writing group's anthology is finally here, ready for purchase by you, our loyal readers. :)


We've worked long and hard putting this together, especially Mary who did the formatting and publishing. Thank you Mary!

Tell your friends and family, and let me know what you think. I'm so excited about this!