Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gothic Workshop

So far I really enjoy the gothic novel workshop I signed up for. This is the 3rd of 4 weeks. I admit I had no idea what a gothic novel really was, so I'm learning a lot. Through the exercies, I am forming the idea for another novel. It will have to go on the back burner after the workshop, though. Too many other projects are more vocal in my head.

I have set myself the goal of finishing the edits on my paranormal mystery by the end of March. If I keep my butt in gear, this is realistic. Unless I decide it needs major revisions, of course, which at this point I don't think it does.

Once I finish this (and hopefully have a title for it!) I think I will work on the rewrite of The Moonlight Cafe. That, or I will begin the second book in the paranormal series. I know how that one will begin, and it is ready to go. We'll see where the Muse takes me when these edits are complete.

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Anonymous said...

Keep the updates coming. I think it's good to know when others are moving towards their goals, It's inspiring.