Friday, October 19, 2007

Writing Retreat

A few weekends ago, the Zen Writing Group took a retreat in southern MO.  It was the second retreat weekend for the group, but the first I was part of.  It was absolutely perfect!  The cabin we stayed in was great - comfortable and roomy, with a large screened in porch that was perfect for writing in nature, without the bugs.  It was so peaceful there, and the lodge had great meals for us 3 times a day.  I’m sure I gained a couple of pounds, because I never eat 3 meals a day, and sometimes only eat 1 if I’m extra busy. Not very healthy, I know...

We all got a lot of work done.  I edited a short story I had written the past week and worked on my query letter. This is also where I started work on my second novel. I'd had the idea floating around my head for a few months, and when I started work on it, the story took right off! I am very excited about it. 

In addition to all the writing I did, there was another organization having a retreat that weekend.  I can’t say what, because it will give away some key elements of The Moonlight Cafe.  But I will say that it was fate that we were there the same weekend.  The group is related to something that happens in the novel, and it was so wonderful to be able to talk to some of the people there to get real life perspectives on the experience.  I didn’t even know this organization existed.  I am still amazed by the synchronicity of it all!

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