Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ready, Set, Query!

I have my first query letters to agents ready to go. Tomorrow on my lunch break, I'll go to the post office and send them off. This is so exciting!

I spent the majority of my holiday break editing The Moonlight Cafe. I finished editing tonight, and spent the rest of the evening putting the finishing touches on my query letter and synopsis, and preparing the packets to be sent out. Each agent wants something different. Some want the query letter and synopsis only. Some want the first 5 pages, or 10, or even 50. I have carefully researched agents, what their requirements are, and what genres they are looking to represent. Wish me luck.

And of course, happy new year to you all. I hope everyone had a safe new year. I spent a quiet night in with Cory, which was a nice change. Usually we host the party at our house. We don't like going out New Year's Eve. Too many amateurs. But this year we spent the evening just the 2 of us. It was very nice and relaxing.

I made one of the most stereotypical resolutions ever - to get in better shape. I didn't set a specific goal, just the generality of "better." Maybe I'll actually use that gym membership this year.

My other resolution was to write at least 4 days a week. It doesn't have to be a lot, just something. I figure 4 days is reasonable. Sure, just about every writing guide out there says to write EVERY DAY, no matter what, but when it comes to setting goals, I think being reasonable is much better than every day. That doesn't mean I won't write more than 4 days, but it does mean I will write at least 4 days every week.

Good luck on any resolutions you made. I'm really going go try to stick to mine this year. The writing one should be easy. Getting in better shape, well, we'll see.

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Manic Mom said...

Congrats on sending out queries and setting the goal of writing four days a week. I just set that one for myself--M-Th, from 12-1:30 ... (I have three school-aged kids)...

Found you while sneaking around on WD forums...

Good luck with those queries... been through that myself! Persistence will pay off!!

: )