Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Dream Story Idea

I had a dream last night that I believe will be the basis of the story for the next novel in my paranormal series. I wonder if they'll all come to me this way?

I started editing my novel tonight. Went to Barnes and Noble for a while to maintain focus away from the internet. Now that I've begun editing, it will be much easier for me to keep focus while I am home surrounded by distractions. I am making a lot of notes on things that I need to fix, backgrounds I laid out in the beginning that don't match what I have later in the novel, things like that. But so far I am very happy with what I have and haven't made any major changes. I know there will be some, but I haven't reached them yet. I also have a small Moleskine notebook I keep in my purse where I have a page for each character so I can make notes about things like hair/eye color, backgrounds, anything I don't want to forget, so I can easily reference it. I hope to finish editing this by the end of the year. I have 2 other novels waiting to be written.

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