Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Writer's Digest Conference

Dec. 12-14 I will be in Cincinnati for a conference that Writer's Digest is hosting. It is limited to 50 people. Saturday will be filled with seminars. Sunday I will meet one on one with a WD editor! I sent in the first 50 pages of The Moonlight Cafe for critique, and an editor will spend 30 minutes going over it with me. I am so excited! Mary is going with me, so we will share the cost of the hotel and gas, though with her Prius, gas won't be a major issue.

I debated if I wanted to go or not. The workshop is $200, which isn't too bad, but hotel and driving...I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that money. Since Mary is going it will be easier. I'm glad I signed up. I think this will be a wonderful opportunity. I can't wait!

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