Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soothing Rain

It snowed last week, and is supposed to snow again tomorrow, but right now there is a hard, steady rain falling outside. Usually I listen to music when I'm writing, but not now. One of my favorite things is the sound of rain. I have a candle lit on my desk and am ready to go for the night.

The yard is soaked and muddy, the street in front of my house will soon turn into a swiftly running river because the storm drains don't work, but I don't care about any of that. The only thing that does bother me about rain is the muddy puppy paw prints that get tracked through the house if I am not fast enough to clean their paws when they come in from outside. With 2 dogs, about the only way to manage it is either block of the kitchen doorway, or only let one dog in at a time.

The rain is already slowing down. I better get to work before it stops completely. I hope you all enjoy the rain tonight. I will be busy writing.

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