Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Over Half Way Complete

As of right now, I have 27,173 words of my novel. I went to the write-in tonight and spent about 4 hours there. Wrote approximately 7K words. I also chatted quite a bit while I was there. Part of me was thinking "shut up and write!" but part of the point of going to a write-in is to meet people and be social. I'm hoping to make some new writing friends by the end of the month. Not that I don't love my Zen Writing Group, but the more writers in my life the better. One girl in particular and I seemed to hit if off tonight, Becky, so we'll see how the month goes.

The bad thing about having the write-in at a bookstore...buying books. I bought 2 books tonight, but they're for research, so it's ok. What did I buy? "Italian Witchcraft" and "Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions." Vittorio is Italian, and the first one practically jumped off the shelf into my hands. I had to buy it. The other one was almost as adamant, as I think a more general pagan background would be helpful as well for my novel. I know enough to get myself in trouble, to think I know what I'm writing about, but have someone who is Pagan read it and say "no no no, that's all wrong." I've had Pagan friends, but never studied it much myself. I must admit though, Earth religions interest me, so I'm excited I can use my novel as an excuse to buy these books.

I'm exhausted. I had planned to come home and write some more, but I think I'm going to hit the hay early tonight. Maybe watch an episode of Ghost Hunters to unwind.

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